“Do these folks really need to be on welfare,” she asked, followed by video of Stossel interview apparent welfare recipients on the street.

“Yeah, I have a TV,” one woman says.

“Yeah, I have a television,” a man tells Stossel.

“Do you have air conditioning,” Stossel presses. “Yes,” the man replies.

“John Stossel checking into that and exposing the ugly side of entitlements,” Hasselbeck remarked following the video clip.

fuck this shit.

Really? REALLY???????

Let’s face it: this sort of bashing affects women & children most of all. Nice family values, ey.

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    let me see you go without air conditioning for one fucking week midsummer you spoiled bitch
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    Who gave this idiot woman a job?
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    Yes because how DARE PEOPLE HAVE A/C AND TV. Fuck her good lord
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    Fuck fuck fuck her
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    The fucking nerve of these people. Air Conditioning? Do they have fucking refrigerators to keep their food safe too?...
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    well they don’t believe in global warming so it’s not hot enough for poor people to be entitled to air conditioning
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    Does Hasselbeck ever use her brain? Air conditioning, of all things, isn’t a huge luxury. In some areas, it is a...
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    Because unless you’re a Dickensian orphan, you’re not really “poor” and must be some lazy-ass who’s gaming the system.
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    fuck this shit.
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    ….She’s actually evil. Like, really.
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