Because agency to enjoy one’s own body isn’t a crime.
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"Because hypersexuality isn’t a compliment, nor is it liberating. It’s a racialized, oppressive marking on black and brown bodies that’s been used to degrade us for centuries and I think it’s time we took our bodies back."


Curator comment:  This beautifully powerful rant has been re-posted dozens of times in the last few days. One of the many benefits of maintaining the broadest possible view of this topic is the ability to gain appreciation of the many complex social, religious and political perspectives that shape identity, including this expression of Arabo-Muslim anti-imperialist feminism.

Source: The quote is from “My friend Khadijah on why she’s sex positive and what it means to her”, originally posted on AFRICAN GOON (“Yohanna. Atheist. Habesha. Anticapitalist. Post-colonial Feminist. ERITREAN NATIONALIST 4lyf~”)

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